Skyward Interactive was asked to completely rebrand a cyber security company. The company performed "white hat hacker" activities and employees spent their time helping client companies uncover holes in their security defenses. Everything including the name was to be thrown out and we were tasked with replacing their identity.

To do this we spend a fair amount of time up front exploring the company, their culture, its founder(s) and its mission. We pull together imagery and words that depict the message they wish to convey, then test, test, test those assumptions with the client. It takes at least three good working sessions of concept evolution before we can present three brand directions that we feel best represent the company’s new identity.

Each brand direction we presented represented to some degree the pseudo-hacker culture that sits thinly veiled behind every cyber security expert - a cyber culture slight of hand, if you will. At the same time, each brand direction remained respectful and professional.

The name and direction chosen is steeped in the history of protection. The name "Tessen" refers to an Iron fan, which was a defensive item that ancient Samurai carried into court during times when they were forced to relinquish their swords by custom… a "defense" for all times. The CEO was a martial artist - needless to say pulling everything together in this way resonated deeply with him.

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members