eVille Branding

eVille Branding

eVille™ is a location based, massive multiplayer game where players take over the city around them using their iPhone to check in and battle rival evil geniuses, set up businesses, play Lairs, set traps for other players, and discover hidden treasures in places they may visit in real life… our branding work was cut out for us.

We needed to convey the “mad scientist” aspect of the game, as well as the fairly new game concept of checking into places in which you frequent in real life.

We felt the atom spinning around the skull, the use of a skull, and the “twisted look of the eyes” in the skull conveyed the feel of mad scientist/evil genius that permeates the game. If you look closely, the teeth of the skull are actually skyline cityscape, which relates to the location aspects of the game. The artwork that makes up the game itself is of a very high quality and acts as a centerpiece to the game intended for players to collects and share.

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members