One of the first things that we ask anyone we work with is: “What are you trying to accomplish?” Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised at how many people do not think about this before they start a project. So when we turned internally to work on a project for ourselves, we started with the same question… what *do* we want to accomplish? Our simple answer: We want to take over the world! (read “evil laugh” here). But seriously, we wanted to create an environment to let *you* (the player) take over the world, via your iPhone.

With this in mind we built eVille™, a location based, massively multiplayer game where players take over the city around them using their iPhone to check in and battle rival evil geniuses. Players set up businesses around them, play Lairs, set traps for other players, and discover hidden treasures in places they may visit in real life -- all in the name of super science, of course!

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members