Our team founded, built and maintained the first official Developer network for Fox Interactive Media hosted at SpringWidgets.com. Our widgets deployed to both the desktop and the web, and allowed for safe and secure third-party widget development on MySpace.com.

At peak the product reached 3.5 million downloads of the platform to the desktop, many tens of millions of embedded widgets and 48 million monthly unique views across the distributed widget platform. The 20 plus widget products we created influenced nearly 50 million in sales across over 200 campaigns for Fox Interactive Media and MySpace. Over 60,000 users created over 75,000 widgets with the platform in just under two years.

Our Involvement: Our team ideated, designed and architected the platform, the infrastructure, all associated products and built or integrated all supporting technologies for the entire system.

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members