Branded Profile Skinner

Branded Profile Skinner

Every brand wants to be a part of a user’s MySpace profile, but many are afraid of the multi-colored, flashing, and disorganized look that most users choose. To fulfill the need, we built a solution that allowed brands to temporarily have complete takeover control of a user’s profile so that when the brand is being interacted with all CSS on the page is rewritten and a perfect and professionally rendered brand presence is displayed.

When a user adopted the widget they could also brand their desktop, receive news alerts, and access special content available only to those with the widget.

ROI: The Brand Profile Skinner was one of the most expensive products sold by MySpace Sales to brand clients and the ROI to MySpace was phenomenal. This product alone generated several million dollars in sales.

Our Involvement: Our team innovated, designed, architected, built and maintained the widget as a product.

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members