Chevy Earth Day Tree Widget

Chevy Earth Day Tree Widget

It’s fitting that Chevy chose a widget campaign when deciding to promote their association with Earth day inside MySpace. Users were encouraged to plant a widget on their profile or blog (which closely resembles planting an actual tree in the real world) with the promise from Chevy that real trees would also be planted.

We created a tree that actually grew once it was planted. The widget would tag itself with the date and time when it was embedded; similar to a real tree, it would grow over time and display its age representing the length of time that a user has been supporting Earth Day.

The Chevy Earth Day Tree Widget remains to this day one of the most successful campaigns that MySpace has offered to any client; it was adopted by hundreds of thousands of users across MySpace and other sites.

Our Involvement: Concept, design, illustration, implementation, development, and deployment.

* All works were created by Skyward Interactive or Skyward Interactive team members