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Animation & Video
Business Process Management
Content Management
Information Architecture
Mobile App Development
UI Design
UX Design
Web Development
American Book Company Website
Restructuring and redesigning the user experience for educational eCommerce.
Barista Blitz Mobile Game for iOS
A cafe themed match game for iOS.
Beeline Pickups School Dismissal System
A multi-platform solution for organizing and tracking school pickups.
Equifax Blog
A comprehensive B2B blog needing redesign and migration from one CMS to another.
Equifax Knowledge Center
A refined publishing process and content management solution for D2C financial resources.
ID Watchdog Rebranding
Redesigning the ID Watchdog brand to fit into the Equifax product family.
Natural Habitat Adventures Booking Portal
An online booking experience for luxury travel.
Purchasing Power Account Dashboard
A dashboard solution for exploring account information, and financial wellness assistance.

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